Add a personal touch to your event with our lovely Personalized Candle Tin & Matchbox favors. These elegantly designed candle tins are adorned with customizable labels, featuring names, dates, or special messages that commemorate your occasion. Our Personalized Candle Tins not only make stunning favors but also serve as delightful mementos that will forever remind your guests of the cherished moments shared. Complete the ambiance and functionality of your candle favors with our elegant Matchbox Sets. These compact and stylish matchboxes are not only practical for lighting candles but also serve as charming accents on tabletops or near fireplaces. With their carefully crafted designs and high-quality matches, our Matchbox Sets are the perfect companion to our candle favors. Choose from an assortment of eye-catching styles to complement your event's theme and leave your guests with a small yet delightful keepsake.

Candles & Matches