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Intimate Covid Wedding

Cancelled venues, postponed wedding dates, and smaller guest lists – all just a few challenges that came with planning a wedding in 2020 & 2021. We know being a COVID bride is no easy task but desperate times call for desperate – but ultra meaningful – measures. Here’s a look into an intimate wedding from 2020 that had our hearts swooning. 💞

When we saw these pictures of @heyaudreygrace & her hubby @jspurlin in our Mr. & Mrs. Face Masks, we could tell their love was special. Shout out to their photographer @catdossett for capturing these precious moments.

Keeping It Intimate

Audrey and Jason didn’t let COVID put a damper on their I Dos! They kept the wedding going but just invited their immediate family, literally. 8 of their closest loved ones were with them at the chapel, but with the power of technology, the rest of their friends and family were able to join via a video conference.

This mini-matrimony was a moment the two families will cherish forever. It may have been a smaller guest list but the room was still full of love. And *spoiler alert* the bride & groom had a HUGE surprise waiting from them when they walked out the doors as Mr & Mrs.

A Special Surprise

As the couple exited the building they were surprised with a truly incredible send-off. Friends and family came masked up and socially distanced, filling the streets with handmade signs and confetti.

To top if off, their car was even painted and decorated for them to drive off. Creativity and the small details really made this day truly unforgettable!

You Can’t Quarantine Love

We know it hasn’t been the easiest year to plan a wedding, but there’s always a way to make it magical. With Face Masks and Sanitizer Favors from our site you and your guests can still celebrate your love safely and in style. Just look at how stunning Mr. & Mrs. Spurlin look in our matching Bride & Groom Face Masks!

Stay safe and keep spreading love!

DIY Spray Paint Engagement Balloon

Are you ready for the cutest Do It Yourself idea? Our DIY Spray Paint Balloon is the unique touch you need for your engagement photos. It’s a creative spin on our personalized balloon that everyone will be asking about!

Girl holding finished DIY spray paint engagement balloon

This DIY balloon is perfect for those crafty babes that like to add personal touches to their wedding festivities. You can choose your own spray paint colors, ribbon, tassels, & even blow up your balloon as big or small as you wish. No two balloons will turn out the same so you will have an original masterpiece. 

Supplies needed for spray paint balloon

Here’s what we used:

Personalized Balloon w/ Decal

Balloon Pump

Spray Paint

Ribbon (or in our case a blank Bridal Sash)

Balloon Tassels

Balloon Stick

Blowing Up Your Balloon

To start, take your clear balloon and inflate it with air. Our balloons can expand up to 24 inches, so don’t be afraid to go big! You can use a balloon pump like we did here, or you can take it to a party store and inflate it with helium. (Caution: we aren’t sure how spray paint will react to helium since we used a regular air pump for this particular project). Once it’s inflated to your desired size, twist the end and tie in a knot to secure it.

Girl holding blown up clear balloon

Time to Paint

Now that your balloon is filled, it’s time to get your hands a little dirty with some spray paint! (Hopefully before your new manicure 😉). Since this process can get messy, we recommend going outside in an open space to paint. We decided to go for pink and rose gold spray cans, but you can customize your balloon to fit your own engagement theme!

Go ahead and give your cans a good shake and spray your first color directly onto the balloon. For the best results, we suggest spraying from at least a foot away – don’t get too close as we did notice the plastic balloon did warp a little in areas where we got too close with the paint sprayer. This is when you can let your creativity flow and add as much or as little color as you want. Once you are happy with the first color, then spray your second color to create a splotch effect on your balloon until you reach your desired look.

Finishing Touches

Now that you are done painting your balloon, set it out to dry for a couple of hours. We recommend tying your balloon to a stick so that the paint does not touch any surrounding surfaces. After your balloon is dry, it’s time to get it photoshoot ready! We decorated the stick attached to the balloon with ribbons and tassels to help create the illusion that it is floating in the air. 

For the Go-Getter

If you like the look of the balloon as is, you can stop here, or you can add a personalized decal featuring the new Mrs. Last Name for an added touch. If you need information on how to attach your decal to your balloon, we have a full tutorial with tips and tricks on how to do so here. When attaching your decal, be mindful of the paint on the balloon as some can come off when removing the tape.  It’s best to use a little less paint on the area you are applying the decal or it will be very difficult to apply.  If some parts of the decal don’t stick completely because of the paint not being tacky enough, you can always use a little glue. 📸

We hope you love this DIY balloon idea. Stay tuned for more!

Galentine’s Day Gifts for Your Bridesmaid Babes

Show your bridesmaids how much you love and appreciate them with special gifts for Galentine’s Day! We love an excuse to get creative and spoil your friends. Keep reading to learn how to make our DIY Cocoa Mug Gifts. They’re really simple but super thoughtful!

There’s nothing better than receiving a gift that is specially made for you. Have fun with our Personalized Mugs and create these adorable cocoa gifts. Your bridesmaids will absolutely love them!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Personalized Glass Mugs

Heart Candy Jars

Pink Tissue

Hot Cocoa Powder

Mini Marshmallows

Kraft Paper

White Pen

Striped Straw


To assemble the mugs, first fill the Heart Candy Jars with hot cocoa powder and mini marshmallows. Place pink tissue paper inside the Glass Mugs and insert the mini cocoa jars. We finished off the gift with a little note attached to a straw. You can write a personal message or a cute saying like “You make ❤️ my melt!”

You can use these mugs as a cute little gift for all your bridesmaids or babes. They can even be used as a place card to decorate the table at a Galentine’s brunch! For more ideas, check out our Valentine’s Gifts.

We hope you enjoyed this little DIY as much as we did! Happy Galentine’s Day!

Photo Contest: Win a Bridal Gift Box!

We’re giving away a FREE Bridal Gift Box, filled with a variety of gifts, to a lucky gal who wins in our monthly #WedFavLook Photo Contest! Here is what we’re giving away for the June contest:

What is #WedFavLook? It’s a way for you to show off your unique style with Wedding Favorites accessories! Style & Creativity are huge over here at WedFav HQ and we want to see more of it!

A winner is chosen at the end of every month so, if you don’t win, don’t worry! Just enter again the next month for another chance. Got your camera ready?

Photo Contest Rules:

  • To enter, post your photo to Instagram and tag #WedFavLookContest & @WeddingFavorites
    • If you’re feeling shy, email a hi-res image to pics@weddingfavorites.com along with your Insta username.
    • Note: If your photo wins via Email Entry, we presumably have your permission to repost on our Instagram!
  • Style Wedding Favorites item(s) only
    • For example: If you style one of our bridal bags with a bridal tee from another shop, your chances of winning are lowered. We want to see your style with our products. It is called a #WedFavLook after all!
    • Photos should clearly display Wedding Favorites item(s)
  • We encourage additional pictures/videos.

Keep a lookout & turn on notifications for our IG Stories! This is where we will announce the winner along with a personal DM.

Judges & Criteria

Our Boss Lady, Hina + our Marketing Team will be judging all submissions based on STYLE & CREATIVITY.

Previous #WedFavLooks We’ve Adored:


  • With your new Wedding Favorites accessories, style it with your own wardrobe and lay out your best outfits.
  • If you plan to wear these on the wedding day, bachelorette trip, bridal shower, etc., just make sure to snap some cute pictures the day of! It’s even easier if you’ve hired a photographer.
    • If not, then choose a cute location. It could be in your room or maybe a nearby cafe – the possibilities are endless!
  • Grab your partner (or, honestly, a tri-pod & self-timer might work better) and pose like you just don’t care!
  • Have fun! Build your confidence & style with us.

Whether you are a future Bride, Bridesmaid, Mother of The Bride – we would love to see your unique #WedFavLook!

Disclaimer: Instagram has not sponsored or endorsed Wedding Favorites to host this contest. Each Bridal Gift Box will be different & is filled with gifts hand-selected by our team. Items will vary depending on availability. Contestants will not be allowed to request specific items. No returns or exchanges.

Best of luck!

Gifts for the Coworker

It’s the most spirited time of the year a.k.a. the time to start thinking about gifts for your coworker! Work may not always be the most fun, but our coworkers definitely make it a thousand times better. Show them your appreciation this holiday with cute office gifts! Shop our Coworker Gift Guide to put a smile on your coworkers’ faces and bring them joy this holiday season.

1. Personalized Journal

2. Diamond Pen

3. Personalized Campfire Mug

4. Personalized Ring Dish – Monogram

5. Personalized Sports Bottle

6. Personalized Coffee Mug

7. Personalized Holiday Candle

Happy Gifting!

Gifts for Mom

The holidays are here, and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for mom! With this holiday gift guide you can treat your mom to all she deserves. We bring you stylish sleep masks, aprons, denim jackets, and so much more for amazing prices. Show your mama that you love her this holiday season.

1. Mama Sparkle Denim Jacket

2. Mama Sleep Mask

3. Mom Ring Dish

4. Mama Baseball Cap

5. Mom Necklace

6. I Love You More Kitchen Towel

7. Personalized Floral Oven Mitts

8. Ruffled Apron

9. Personalized Wooden Heart Spoons

Season’s Greetings!

Gifts for Her Under $20

Start off your holiday shopping with gifts for her under $20! No one said you have to break the bank to make your loved ones feel special. This guide includes cute knick-knacks, personalized accessories, and so much more!

1. Monogram Beanies

2. Floral Monogram Shirts

3. Custom Sleep Masks

4. Personalized Wooden Hearts Spoon

5. Monogrammed Pajama Shorts

6. Diamond Pens

7. Personalized Stemless Glass

8. Custom Tote Bags

9. Babe Slippers

10. Personalized Campfire Mug

11. Gold Monogram Bracelets

12. Personalized Holiday Gift Box

13. Heart-Shaped Ring Dish

14. Custom Makeup Bags

15. Personalized Holiday Candle

16. Personalized Sports Bottle

17. Personalized Floral Oven Mitts

18. Lace Face Mask

19. Ruffled Apron

20. Floral Monogram Burlap Tote

Happy Gifting!

Monogrammed Gifts for Her

With the holidays coming up, it’s the perfect time to think about monogrammed gifts for her! This gift guide shows off our cute and personalized presents to make your loved ones feel special. Treat them! I mean, who wouldn’t want a gift with their own monogram letter on it?!

1. Monogram Sleep Shirt

2. Floral Monogram Tote Bag

3. Monogram Tumblers

4. Monogram Ring Dish

5. Monogram Acrylic Keychain

6. Gold Monogram Bracelets

7. Floral Monogram White Jean Jacket

Happy Shopping!

Gifts for the Bestie

With the holidays coming up, we are all eager to find a perfect gift for the bestie. Our besties are the people we cannot live without, and they deserve to feel special! This guide has some of the cutest gifts to show how much you love and appreciate your friends. Pamper them with presents because best friends are forever!

1. Monogram Sleep Shirt

2. Personalized Acrylic Purse

3. Personalized Compact Mirrors

4. Custom Sleep Mask

5. Diamond Pens

6. Personalized Burlap Tote Bag

7. Personalized Holiday Candle Jars

8. Personalized Campfire Mug

9. Personalized Makeup Bags

10. Babe Beanie

‘Tis the Season!

Gifts for the Future Bride

The holidays are just around the corner, and we are here to help! Whether you’re the bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or just a friend of the soon-to-be bride, we have the perfect gifts for any future Mrs. on your list!

1. Mrs Coffee Mug

2. Bride Sleep Mask

3. Wedding Sleep Shirt

4. Bride Slippers

5. Sparkle MRS Beanie

6. Sparkle Wifey Jean Jacket

7. Mrs. Clutch Purse

8. Mrs. Beach Bag

Happy Holidays!