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2024 Wedding Trend Predictions

With the new year, comes new trends and we can’t wait to see what wedding trends emerge this year. Picture this: content creators turning “I Do” into Insta-gold, private ceremonies for a more intimate affair, and a groovy trip back to the 70s. Join us as we spill the tea on what we think more couples will do for their weddings in 2024. Ready for the deets on these wedding trend predictions? Let’s dive in!

Wedding Content Creators

The first wedding trend, one that was taking everyone by storm in 2023, is wedding content creators. We saw social media content creators niche down and offer their services to brides on their wedding day. With all the excitement and eagerness of getting married, you might not remember to film that video clip for a TikTok trend that you wanted to do. Having a personal content creator on your wedding day solves that pain point. They capture all the fun and candid moments throughout your big day so you can stay off your phone and stay present in the moment. You don’t have to be an influencer to want to share your wedding moments on IG or TikTok. Hiring a wedding content creator is a different way to capture candid, unforgettable moments on your big day.

(If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford another vendor, you could ask that tech-savvy friend of yours to be in charge. Perhaps you have a junior bridesmaid who knows all the TikTok trends and dances.)

70s-Inspired Aesthetics

Get ready to throw it back to the days of disco balls and flower power! According to Pinterest Predicts, the 70s are making a comeback in bridal aesthetics. Bringing back bohemian florals, flowy sleeves, and a whole lot of groovy vibes. Brides in 2024 are saying yes to the free-spirited, laid-back feels of the 70s, turning their weddings into a nostalgic dance of love. Wedding color palettes will incorporate more mustard yellows, burnt oranges, and earthy browns. Dance floors will be transformed into a funky disco where the couple and guests can boogie the night away. 2024 is all about timeless love and a whole lot of retro charm.

Digital Guest Books

Out with the pen and paper, in with digital memories! Digital guest books are the new wedding trend, letting guests leave messages, photos, and even videos for the couple to look back on. It allows guests to better capture their energy while celebrating the newlywed. A popular alternative are Polaroid guestbooks where guests snap a photo with a Polaroid camera. Now the concept has been entirely digitalized with QR codes that allow guests to upload photos straight from their phone. Sites like Guestpix or Kulu, make it easy for your guests to share their images, no app required. We think more couples will place these QR codes throughout their reception so guests can share their photos with ease.

Private Ceremony

Another wedding trend that we predict for 2024, is more couples opting for a private ceremony before their grand celebration. Private ceremonies allow couples to exchange vows in a setting that truly resonates with their love story. It allows the couple to have a heartfelt moment without the pressure of adhering to traditional norms. Whether it’s a secluded garden, a beach at sunset, or the comfort of home, private ceremonies offer the flexibility to choose a location that holds sentimental value. After the intimate “I Dos” they can celebrate with the rest of their friends and family at the reception.

Pearls & Bows

Lastly, we think classic elegance will get a modern twist with pearls and bows stealing the spotlight. Pearls, the OG symbol of sophistication, are continuing to make a comeback in bridal accessories and decor. Paired with whimsical bows, it’s a combo that adds a touch of romance and charm to the wedding scene. Nothing says romance quite like a beautifully tied bow. From delicate bows accentuating the back of a wedding dress to oversized bows adorning chairs or floral arrangements. It’s traditional but with a modern twist.

Alright, wedding trendsetters, get ready to say “I Do” in style in 2024! From digital guest books to pearls & bows bringing classic charm, it’s a year of bridal trends that’ll make your heart race. Stay tuned as we share how to turn your wedding dreams into reality!

A Unique Wedding Day Task For Your Bridesmaids: Instagram Story Takeover

Lauren Giraldo and her husband walking down the street in a white dress, performing their wedding day task.

Weddings can be a whirlwind of tasks and responsibilities that are necessary to make the day perfect. When you’re busy getting ready to walk down the aisle, it’s easy to forget to capture the candid and goofy moments with your loved ones. While professional photographers and videographers ensure magazine-worthy shots, they might miss the real chaos and shenanigans that happen behind the scenes. A fun way to capture those candid moments on your wedding day is to have your bridesmaids do an Instagram Story Takeover!

Recently, we saw Instagram Influencer, @laurengiraldo, completely hand over her Instagram account to one of her besties during her wedding! Throughout the day, her friends uploaded lighthearted pictures and videos. Everyone following Lauren, including family members that couldn’t attend, were able to still feel like they were there. Plus, the Instagram story takeover was a unique way to capture the days events that gave the bride and groom a different perspective to remember their big day.

Wedding Day Task: Maid of Media

Ready to make your wedding day unforgettable on Insta?📸 First, pick a friend who is Instagram-savy and appoint them as your Maid of Media. They’ll be in charge of capturing behind-the-scenes content of the entire wedding weekend. Creating stories on Instagram is simple, so there are really no instructions needed! Just give them a heads-up if there are certain things that are off-limits and to ask guests for permission before sharing candid snaps. All that’s left to do is log them into your Instagram account and let them post away. You’ll feel like a real IG Influencer knowing that your special day is virtually being shared to all your loved ones, whether they’re there in person or cheering you on from afar!

Take inspiration from @laurengiraldo, who had her best friends handle her Instagram Stories throughout her destination wedding in Columbia. Everyone following Lauren, including loved ones that couldn’t attend, watched her getting ready in the bridal suite with her bridesmaids, applying her wedding day accessories, and eventually celebrating her new title as Mrs. Lago. The content was full of smiles, cheering, and joyous tears that, by the end, had everyone reaching for a tissue.

Pro Tips for Instagram Stories:

To help your friends with the Wedding Day Instagram Takeover, we’ve put together a few social media tips that you can share with your Maid Of Media.

  • Start the takeover by letting your followers know that you’ll be handing over the phone to your Maid of Media for an IG takeover. Show it with a video story for a personal touch!
  • Use one hashtag that encapsulates the day throughout your stories.
    ex: #________isgettingmarried, #mrandmrs________, #________inlove, etc.
  • Have your bridesmaids film the day before (or days leading up to) the wedding. Capture videos and pictures of everyone arriving and any fun pre-wedding events like the welcome lunch or rehearsal dinner.
  • Add a countdown button 12hrs before on Instragram stories to notify the audience when the wedding starts!
  • Instagram lets you save your stories in a special bubble called “Highlights” on your profile. You can save all your wedding day stories there so people can continue to enjoy the content even after the 24-hour stories disappear!
  • Pass the phone to each bridesmaid and ask which part of the day they are looking forward to the most. 
  • Have the bridal party and guests take a selfie video and leave a surprise message for the bride & groom.
  • Try utilizing captions, polls, stickers, and gifs, to spice up your stories and engage with your followers.

Let The Instagram Party Begin

There you have it! Planning an Instagram Story Takeover for your wedding is the ultimate recipe for fun and unforgettable memories! Let your bridesmaids work their magic, capturing all the candid craziness and heartwarming moments. Your special day will be an Insta-hit, and your friends and family, near or far, can join in on the special day.

So, go ahead and snap, post, and celebrate like never before. It’s time to make your wedding an epic story worth sharing! Make sure to tag @weddingfavorites so we can “be there” with you too.

DIY Bridal Shower Game

Need ideas on how to make your bridal shower more fun and interactive? Having a variety of games planned for your guests to break the ice and bond is always a great idea! In this DIY, we explain how to create a simple “Guess the Dress” bridal shower game for your guests to play right at the table.

Things you will need:

Diamond Pens

Guess The Dress Cards (Find ours HERE)

Your choice of Ribbon, Twine, or Rope  

Putting it all together:

Print your Guess The Dress game cards on cardstock. If you want a more rustic look you can also print them on kraft paper. We recommend the cards be about 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″. Click this link to download our free printable template! To tie in the bridal details make sure you have Diamond Pens that your guests can use to play the game.

Wrap ribbon (or any thin wrapping material) around the pen and game cards. Then create a bow and place the pen through the knot of the bow. This will help it stay secured onto the card.

Once tied, the cards are ready to place at each seat for your guests to play. Players can sketch the dress directly on the card (what we did), or write out their guesses on the style, shape, length, and texture of the dress. Here are our game results:

We highly recommend doing this easy bridal shower game. It is so simple to make & will get your guests excited about the dress you wear on the big day! Put some twists on it by giving subtle hints, having them also guess the accessories with the dress, awarding the closest guesser a prize, etc. Anyone can participate, even the little ones. Plus, your party will be able to take the Diamond Pens home as a keepsake from the bridal shower.

If you are inspired to include this activity in your upcoming bridal celebration, tag us @weddingfavorites so we can see all of the fun!

10 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Mother-In-Law

When planning out gifts for your bridal party, be sure to also put one together for your mother-in-law! This can be gifted before or after the wedding to express your admiration and appreciation for her. After all, she is now officially a part of your family! A simple item or small gifts are all you need to make her feel extra special. Need some ideas? Here are 10 gifts that embody elegance, practicality, and thoughtfulness for your future mother-in-law: 

1. Gift Box Set

If you are running low on time to search for the perfect gift, simply send one of our ready-to-go gift sets! Our Floral Mom Gift Box Set is pre-packaged with the cutest items, including a Mom Ring Dish, Mom Beaded Bracelet, gold Heart Match Box, Candle Tin, Lip Balm, and Mini Card (printed with your custom message inside). What’s not to love?!

2. Makeup Bag

Our Bridal Party Makeup Bags are a great option for a gift before the wedding so that she can utilize it when getting ready for the big day. Choose the “Mother of the Groom” style to highlight her role in the wedding. Whether she keeps this in her travel bags or purse, her small essentials will be safe and secured the whole time. 

3. Sleep Shirt

Which mom wouldn’t love a new, relaxing, & buttery soft sleepwear?! With black trimming and a front pocket spelling out “mama bear,” our Mom Sleep Shirt fits the occasion perfectly. Now she’ll be able to sleep, lounge, and get ready in the most comfortable outfit.

4. Satin Lace Robe

Everyone loves a good quality Satin Lace Robe. Not only can you choose from several robe and text colors, but you will be able to customize this piece to say “Mother of the Groom” or “Mother of the Bride” on the back. That way, she can be included in the bridal party and all of the fun photos taken while getting ready for the wedding.

Bridesmaid Robes - Satin Lace

5. Iced Coffee Glass

If your mother-in-law is a coffee lover, this Custom Iced Coffee Glass is right up her alley. This is an elevated version of a clear, glass cup as it contains a cute “mom” or “mama” title across the front of the glass. The best part is, she will be able to use it daily and remember your special bond.

6. Ruffled Apron

Does your mother-in-law love to cook, bake, or spend time in the kitchen? If so, she will absolutely love this Custom Ruffled Apron. Get the apron personalized with different sayings like “Best Mom Ever” or “Mama’s Kitchen” on the front. Every time she cooks with the apron, she will be reminded of you.

7. Gold Necklace

Dainty gold lettering + our signature gift box + a message saying “thank you for all that you do” = the complete package. If your husband’s mom loves fashion, jewelry, or wearing accessories, we highly recommend this Gold Mom Necklace! It’s very stylish and pretty, she will be so excited to wear it! 

8. Heart Ring Dish

What’s a better item to go along with jewelry than a Ring Dish? Our Heart Ring Dish has a metallic gold trim and is printed with “MOM” in the middle. It is packaged in a cute white box with a boho label that says “Best Mom Ever”. This is such a memorable gift she will cherish forever. 

9. Tote Bag

We tote-ally love this gift idea and we know your moms will too! Fill our Mother of the Groom Tote with small items that she can use on the day of the wedding like our Robes, Slippers, or Hair Pins. With her essentials right at her fingertips, it will be her new go-to bag.

10. Patch Shirt

Our Mama Shirts are a staple item for whenever she is shopping, working, or doing any activity. The lightweight and stretchy material will keep her comfortable at all times. Plus, the “mama” patch adds such a cute touch.

Take some inspiration from our gift list to surprise your new mother-in-law. Many of these gifts can also work seamlessly as Mother’s Day Gifts too (which is right around the corner)! Not only are these all adorable, but they really show how much you truly care for the special mom figures in your life. If you decide to try out any of these items during your wedding journey or for Mother’s Day, make sure to tag us @weddingfavorites. Happy Shopping!

Getting Ready in the Bridal Suite: 5 Must-Haves

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and you want to make sure everything is perfect. With so many things to consider, it’s easy to forget about the little things that can make a big difference in your getting ready process. We’ve made a list of items that will help you stay organized, calm, and comfortable on your big day, so you can focus on what really matters – marrying the love of your life.

Here’s our list of five essentials any bride will find helpful to have in the bridal suite:

1. Bride Robe

Everyone deserves a good, high-quality robe they can wear while preparing for the exciting day. Choose from multiple styles like our Ruffled Robe, Personalized Satin Lace Robe, Mrs. Cotton Robe, and more. All of our robes are so comfy and soft, helping you stay calm and relaxed during this anxious time. Not only are these great to get ready in, but they make for cute and memorable photos that will always remind you of that special moment. *Pro-Tip: make sure to have a steamer on hand to get out any wrinkles or creases in the robe.

2. Slippers

We’ve got you covered from head to toe. Our Bride Slippers are a must to complete the pre-wedding outfit. The super soft faux fur material guarantees maximum comfort for every bride. These are perfect to slip on right when you wake up and keep on until you are ready to leave.

3. Bride Pouch

Our Mrs. Nylon Pouches are adorable, functional, and versatile. With the spacious and open interior, you are able to store whatever you need inside like your makeup, skin, hair, or nail products. Our bag keeps your items together and organized while having easy access to them all day long. Plus, the portable size allows you to pack our Pouch inside your travel bags or wedding-day bag with ease.

4. Bride Coffee Glass

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about your morning coffee! Our Bride Iced Coffee Glass or Mrs. Coffee Mug will keep your beverage safe and by your side throughout the whole process. Fill and refill with your favorite refreshing drinks like smoothies, coffees, teas, etc. The best part is, you can reuse it after the wedding day as well.

5. Personalized Jewelry Box

Last but not least, our adorable Jewelry Boxes are a MUST for your wedding day jewelry. With pockets, hooks, and removable dividers inside the box, your dainty necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories can all fit inside. This helps keep your things decluttered and accessible. The neutral color options create a stylish and minimalistic look that will match almost anything.

Whether you’re getting ready at home, in a hotel room, or at the venue, these items will help ensure that you’re fully prepared and ready to say “I do.” If you decide to try out any of these items during your wedding journey make sure to tag us @weddingfavorites! Continue browsing our website for more bridal and bridal party gifts and product inspiration!

National Proposal Day!

Happy National Proposal Day! March 20th is a special day many couples not only celebrate their marriage and relationship, but also when some decide to pop the question! Everyone’s proposal story is unique in its own way, filled with hard-hitting emotions. Here at Wedding Favorites HQ we love all wedding stories, so we decided to ask our followers to share theirs! Here are two proposals that we thought were special! (Plus a special surprise at the end!👀)

Proposal #1

“I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii and my boyfriend and I finally got a chance to go for an anniversary and Valentine’s Day. We both work in a hospital so we haven’t gotten a vacation since Covid-19. And then we got there. The next day he said he hired a photographer just for “fun” so I could keep the memory. He planned with the photographer how he was going to propose. He’s been planning this for 2 years… It was so perfect! ❤️”

-Brittany Barron

Proposal #2

“My fiancé and I started dating in 2020 and two weeks later I lost my mom. My fiancé was and is an absolute rockstar of a support system. We’re quite the crazy cat ladies so I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my proposal. So I bought the cat’s bandanas that said “will you marry my mama?” Long story short, the bandanas never made it on the cats (they were camera shy) and I got down on one knee and shouted “surprise!” Instead of “will you marry me?” Nevertheless, she said yes!

Two weeks after, her mom died 💔 We’ve been loving and supporting each other through these heartbreaks. That following October, I came home from work to a fall festival with a pumpkin saying “will you marry me” and it was my turn for my ring! I told her I’d have to think about it 😉 Wedding is set for April 27, 2024! We’d love to be featured to spread light through our heartache 💍🤍👰👰 #twobridesarebetterthanone”

– Taylor Wallace @_taylorsamantha

These stories were a pleasure to share and both so special. If you have any interesting or memorable proposal stories feel free to share them with us @weddingfavorites. To continue celebrating the love today, you can use our exclusive code: PROPOSALDAY2023 to save 25% OFF sitewide. (Code expires 3/22/23 @ 11:59 PM PDT)

Happy National Proposal Day!

2023 Wedding Trends

A new year means new trends for future brides! After reviewing recent trends and considering timeless styles, we formulated a list of what we think brides will be doing more of this year! Here are our favorite 2023 wedding trends:

1. Terracotta Details

The copper, rust, and burnt orange tones aren’t going anywhere!⁠ There are many ways to incorporate this color into your wedding journey, whether it’s through flower arrangements or table decor. One of our favorite ways, however, is through the bridal party getting ready outfits! Items like our Ruffled Robe in Clay establish a warm and inviting ambiance all around. This color works throughout every season as its rich orange and earthy shades complement a vibrant summer or cozy fall celebration. Not to mention– terracotta elements will make any picture look lively regardless if it is taken outside against greenery or indoors against a wooden background. 

2. Pearl Accessories

The infamous pearl veil & hairstyles went viral last year and we think they’ll be just as popular!⁠ Pearls are such a simple, yet effective way to elevate any bridal look. Brides can even add their own twist on unadorned items like our Sunglasses, Hats, and Veils by sticking any sized pearls over them. There’s a reason why brides have consistently been incorporating pearl details into their outfits–it will always look STUNNING!

3. Bridal Brunches

Brunches have always been trending, but use them to host your bridal showers & bridesmaid proposals for a fun twist!
👰 @idelysr 📸 @bustabadcollective 🥂 @thebohomiaexperience

Brunches have always been a hit and are great for bridesmaid proposals or bridal showers. This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to share a delicious meal with their besties while celebrating the bride-to-be. It is also a fun way to dress up and take memorable photos. Spruce up the brunch by including unique decor and favors like our Personalized Flutes or Fans. Personalized touches and a creative presentation can go a long way in making everything look put together.

4. Fringe Pieces

Incorporate fringe statement pieces in your bridal wardrobe!
👰 @morggss

Fringe is making a comeback! We think brides will start incorporating them into their bridal looks. Fringe detailing on an outfit can make a bold statement that screams bride! Whether your wedding theme is bohemian chic, modern, or rustic, fringe items like our Denim Jackets or Crochet Purses will fit it all. Fun, flirty, and festive–what’s not to love?!

5. Candid Photos

Natural-looking photos are in and more couples will want an editorial twist to their pictures. Don’t stress too much about how you plan to pose for your engagement or wedding photos– your authentic emotions will speak for themselves! Photographs of couples taking a walk, laughing, or doing an activity together are great ways to come up with candid pictures. Browse our more casual bridal wear that will easily complement a vision for relaxed and candid engagement photos. Recently, we’ve also noticed many prefer to have blurry or out-of-focus photographs. This further plays into this dreamy, impromptu look.

Put these ideas to use for your bridal journey in 2023! These growing trends will make your bridal outfits, photos, and wedding stand out while simultaneously fitting in beautifully! If you use any of our ideas or bridal accessories for your upcoming celebrations make sure to tag us @weddingfavorites!