Are you looking for rustic party favors to go with your vintage theme? Wedding Favorites has you covered! We've got a wide variety of personalized vintage themed favors and decorations to add style to your celebration. Whether you're throwing a baby shower or wedding, we've got what you need to transform the look of your event venue and transport your guests back in time. Vintage never goes out of style! Regardless if you are taking your guests to the roarin' 20s, love the art deco of the 1930s, or like the homespun 1940s look, these vintage style favors will surely fit in well with the theme. Our vintage themed favors have soft, subtle colors that all go well with any color scheme. These favors are perfect to impress your guests in a simple way; they don’t need bring colors to bring attention to themselves. With a variety of elegant styles and designs, Wedding Favorites is confident that you will find the perfect combination unique to you and your event.

Vintage Favors