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Wedding Souvenirs: 5 Remarkable & Memorable Paper Fan Favors

Outdoor summer weddings are magical. The bright sun, better than any flash photography or lightbox simulation, leads to exquisitely lit photos. A perfect balance of clarity, brightness, and saturation that feels like you’re living inside Clarendon, a photo filter on Instagram. The hottest hour of any summer wedding is going to be during the day. While electric hand fans and wide-brimmed hats can keep your guests shielded from the sun, they don’t look good in photos. That’s why we’ve selected 5 of our different fan favors that will help keep your guests cool and double as an aesthetic wedding day prop. Now, your guests can elegantly fan themselves with these unique paper fan favors until the crisp night air descends and the twinkling lights are turned on filling the atmosphere with music, laughter, and dancing.

1.) Personalized Paper Fans

First up, is this simple white paper fan on lightly colored wood. It comes with custom labels that can feature his & her names in black cursive text. With multiple color options and personalized labels, these fans are versatile and a great addition to any party.

 Capture hearts with these enchanting wedding favor paper fans, featuring a mesmerizing array of assorted colors adorned with custom black text. A perfect blend of style and utility, these delightful keepsakes bring a refreshing breeze of joy to your celebration.
Sandalwood Oriental design decorative fan, a stylish accessory for summer weddings. This elegant paper fan favor
 provides a refreshing breeze, keeping guests cool and comfortable with its graceful beauty and traditional charm.

2.) Sandalwood Fan

Next, this delicate and ornately designed oriental fan is a captivating decorative piece while also remaining functional. Perfect for a boho wedding during the hottest parts of summer!

3.) Personalized Paddle Wedding Favor Paper Fans

Thirdly, make a bold statement with a striking paddle fan to announce your special occasion. With the first line in script text and the second bold, you have the ability to create any phrase that meets the need of your party.

4.) Floral Garden Gold Paddle Fans

Another option is this gold-trimmed personalized wedding favor paddle fan adorned with elegant black text. Select this paper fan favor for a sophisticated look and customized keepsake, adding a touch of opulence and sentiment to your cherished celebration.

5.) Dried Palm Leaf Paper Paddle Fan for Guests

Finally, consider these super fun palm leaf-shaped personalized fan favors! With this super cute, original die-cut design, guests will feel like they’re in the Bahamas fanning themselves with the real thing. These can be ordered with or without personalization too for maximum customizability!

Beige Palm Leaf die cut paddle fans with a custom name personalization on the handle of the newly wed couple makes for a perfect wedding favor on a hot summer day.

Say “I do” to souvenirs that will keep your guests cool and add the perfect touch to your wedding day. Although simple, these paper fan favors represent the love and appreciation you have for your guests, and may they continue to bring smiles long after the celebration has ended. Let your love story take center stage, while these paper fans play their own part in creating an unforgettable favor for your special day. If you’ve ordered some paper fan favors for your wedding, we’d love to see them! Tag us @weddingfavorites