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Gifts for the Coworker

It’s the most spirited time of the year a.k.a. the time to start thinking about gifts for your coworker! Work may not always be the most fun, but our coworkers definitely make it a thousand times better. Show them your appreciation this holiday with cute office gifts! Shop our Coworker Gift Guide to put a smile on your coworkers’ faces and bring them joy this holiday season.

1. Personalized Journal

2. Diamond Pen

3. Personalized Campfire Mug

4. Personalized Ring Dish – Monogram

5. Personalized Sports Bottle

6. Personalized Coffee Mug

7. Personalized Holiday Candle

Happy Gifting!

How to Throw a Virtual Bridal Shower

Throwing your girl a virtual bridal shower can be an overwhelming task, to say the least. We know it’s a new venture for many people, so we’ve got all the tips & tricks to throw a virtual bridal shower that will always be remembered. Though we can’t all be together right now, there are so many ways to make the bride and her loved ones feel closer than ever!

Virtual Bridal Shower Invitations

To kick off your virtual bridal shower, you can download online invitations with all of the details of your celebration. You can either email these or mail them out to each guest’s house.

We collaborated with WillowLanePaperie to get our trendy succulent invitations. You can find more invitations like these on Etsy!

Virtual Bridal Shower Invitations


It’s important to make the bride feel like her shower is just as awesome from home. Sending her some decor is the perfect way to do so! This adorable mylar “bride” balloon is great for photo-ops to capture the bride’s special day.

Bridal Shower Balloon

To brighten up the bride’s home, you can purchase an inexpensive tapestry to hold her gifts or even use a backdrop! We used a cactus print tapestry to go along with our succulent theme.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful way to send the bride some decor, package your goodies in our Personalized Burlap or Jute Totes!

Bridal Shower Gifts


Keep the bride and her guests involved by playing some classic bridal shower games! Etsy is a great source for finding some that fit your theme perfectly. We picked a super cute succulent style from WillowLanePaperie to match the rest of our decor.

Once you find the right games, you can email them to each guest to print before the bridal shower. When you’re all together on your video call, you’ll be ready to play!

Virtual Bridal Shower Games


Though the guests can’t actually be with the bride, they can certainly still send some cute gifts to her doorstep! Make sure she knows not to open them until the bridal shower. That way every can see her reaction LIVE!

Bridal Shower Sash

Our shop has tons of gifts that will make the bride smile from ear to ear. From celebratory Bridal Sashes to chic Clutch Purses, you’re sure to find tons of bridal shower gifts that will make your girl feel loved and celebrated.

If you’re not sure where to start, have the bride set up her very own Wedding Favorites Wish List! Loved ones can easily access all of the gifts that have caught her eye, and they can ship the items directly to her home.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Although pre-wedding festivities are constantly changing, know that we’re always here to make your planning a breeze!

Love always,

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes on a Budget

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Our Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes are the perfect way to ask your girls to be part of your big day – all while staying within your budget! The wedding planning process can be expensive, but we know that you’re looking for quality gifts that will show your closest friends just how much you appreciate them. There’s no need to stress yourself (or your wallet) because we’ve put together a list of some of our cutest proposal gifts that don’t cost a fortune! Our gift boxes can be filled with anything from sleep masks to mini candles – and that’s just the start. With our variety of trendy, personal gifts at a range of prices, you’re sure to find something that each of your bridesmaids will adore!

Box Fillers That Won’t Break the Bank

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you!

Here are some of our cutest, budget-friendly bridesmaid proposal gifts to get your boxes started:

  1. Compact Mirrors
  2. Eyelash or Personalized Sleep Masks
  3. Heart Sunglasses
  4. Mini Candles
  5. Bride Tribe Lip Balm
  6. Diamond Pens
  7. Bow Hair Pins
  8. Hair Ties

Compact Mirrors

Not only are our compact mirrors absolutely adorable, but they also make it easy for the busy bridesmaid to do a quick touch-up – anywhere and everywhere. Mirrors can be customized with her name in a pretty script font against a background of her favorite color.

Personalized Sleep Masks

We know how important it is to get a good night of sleep during the wedding planning process. Your girls will love these silky sleep masks, which are guaranteed to help them sleep peacefully after a long, exciting day. These are also perfect for pictures at your bachelorette party or even on the morning of your wedding!

Bride & Babe Heart Sunglasses

Hit the beach or city streets with these adorable heart-shaped sunnies! Treat yourself with our white “bride” glasses, while your bridesmaids can strut their stuff in our pink or black “babe” styles.

“Can’t Say I Do” Succulent Candles

Because of their refreshing floral fragrance, our mini candles are a sweet addition to any bridesmaid proposal box. These are sure to let your bridesmaids know that you really can’t say “I do” without them!


From hair ties to ring dishes, we’ve got you covered when it comes to budget-friendly box fillers. We’re here to show you that you can still treat your girls to the proposals that they deserve, without going over your budget.

FREE! Bonus Labels

In addition to all the goodies you can put inside, these personalized boxes come with an extra sheet of FREE labels! These can be used to add a special touch to any of your box fillers. For example, you can put these on anything from a candy bar to a mini soda bottle. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Shopping, Brides!

We hope that our bridesmaid gifts can make your proposals that much easier. Your wedding day is meant to be one of the best days of your life, so the planning process should be just as exciting!


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